Our Journey to Adopt a Child

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ethan is now officially an uncle. Little niece Lilly was born a couple of weeks ago, and is incredibly cute! Ethan has been very good with her, and it's fun to have a baby around. I'll try to get photos up when I can navigate the technology.

A game that Ethan and I play, which he is really good at is: "It's not impossible because..." It goes like this: the first person says something that sounds impossible, and the other person has to figure out a way it could be possible. Like: "No one can pick up a house with one hand". Sounds impossible, right? Nope -- not if the house is a toy. Or, "No one can run faster than a car". Impossible? Nope -- not if they're running on an airplane that's going faster than a car. You get the idea. Ethan is remarkably good at this game!

His after school says he's also great at Uno, switching seamlessly from being a boisterous, competitive player with the older kids, to a gentle, mentoring help with the younger kids. The teacher was just gushing with how much she loved Ethan. (This is something I get a lot, by the way.)


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